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A-Growtech offers both cultivation and technical advice.


Recognizing the distinct nature of every crop and growing process, our consultants collaborate closely with clients to devise personalized strategies, enhancing growth, yield, and quality.


Whether cultivating fruits, vegetables, or specialized crops, our expertise paves the path to your successful outcomes. We focus on improved production with our growing experience combined with technical knowledge. 

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Benjamin Vermeer cultivation consultancy

Plant Consultancy

Plant growing consultancy | Benjamin Vermeer

Plant growing consultancy | Benjamin Vermeer

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Benjamin Vermeer technical consultancy


The consultants of A-growtech are always up-to-date with the newest techniques within the agri- and horticulture sector.

Giving the utmost technical advise about not only our products, but also about your current system.


With the goal to have your preferences systems collaborate in harmony.  

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