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High Fog Mist System

High fog mist systems in agriculture are advanced irrigation systems that utilize fine water droplets to create a mist-like environment in crop fields. These systems are designed to provide a controlled microclimate for plants, optimizing their growth and productivity. The mist generated by high fog mist systems is typically composed of small water droplets with diameters ranging from 10 to 50 micrometers.

More stabile and secure production over the years

High Fog Mist System

Video Explanation:

The Future of Horticulture in Mexico | Benjamin Vermeer | A-Growtech

The Future of Horticulture in Mexico | Benjamin Vermeer | A-Growtech

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Main functions:

Humidity control

One of the primary purposes of a high fog mist system is to regulate the humidity levels within the greenhouse. By producing a fine mist, the system increases humidity in the air, which is crucial for certain plants that thrive in humid conditions. Maintaining optimal humidity levels helps prevent excessive transpiration, reduce water stress in plants, and support healthy growth.

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Temperature moderation

The water droplets released by the mist system can absorb heat from the surrounding air as they evaporate. This process cools down the greenhouse environment during hot periods, providing a more favorable temperature range for plants. It helps prevent heat stress in plants and ensures that the greenhouse does not become excessively hot, especially during summer months.

Supports biological control

Without the High fog mist system:

  • Humidity fluctuate between 40% to 80%

  • At the top of the plant → Red spider spint, whitefly, weevils, thrips etc.

  • At the bottom of the plant → the biological control

  • Consequently, a problem arises where biological control becomes ineffective.

  • The pests will inflict damage on the fruits and plants, resulting in reduced production.

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With the High fog mist system:

  • Humidity is steady at 70% humidity

  • Biological control can attack the red spider spint, whitefly, weevils, thrips etc.

  • The high fog mist system will significantly enhance the effectiveness of biological control.

  • With the implementation of the high fog mist system, both fruits and plants will experience reduced damage, leading to an increase in production.

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Microclimate regulation:

Greenhouses often have variations in temperature and humidity across different zones. The high fog mist system can help in creating a more uniform and stable microclimate throughout the greenhouse, ensuring that all plants receive similar growing conditions.

Disease control:

In some cases, a high fog mist system can help reduce the spread of certain plant diseases. By maintaining optimal humidity levels, the plants' foliage can be less susceptible to pathogens that thrive in dry or excessively wet conditions.

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Water conservation:

Although it may seem counterintuitive, a high fog mist system can actually be water-efficient. The fine water droplets evaporate quickly, and since the misting is targeted towards the plants, there is less water wastage compared to traditional watering methods like overhead irrigation.

CO2 distribution:

In some advanced greenhouse setups, the high fog mist system can be integrated with CO2 injection systems. This ensures a more even distribution of CO2 within the greenhouse, further enhancing the photosynthetic process and boosting plant growth.

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Enhanced plant growth:

The controlled humidity and temperature provided by the mist system contribute to improved plant growth rates. The consistent microclimate allows plants to photosynthesize efficiently, leading to healthier, more vigorous growth and potentially faster maturation and yield.

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