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A-Growtech operates through a five-step process. Throughout this entire process, we provide ongoing consultation to optimize growth, ensuring a minimum increase of 7% in production (in Mexico).


We also deliver Turn-Key systems for your greenhouse. This means the installation of LED lights, biogenerators and water tanks/silos, next to our water systems. Moreover, to make the this really Turn-Key, all the necessary small particles for your greenhouse can also be purchased at A-Growtech (like plant clips).  This, of course, also comes with the ongoing consultation. To make sure the Turn-Key equipment is used for maximum results.


We conduct an analysis that encompasses

  • Your plant's current situation and the conditions within your greenhouses.

  • The external climate factors.

  • The types of crops and varieties you cultivate.

  • The specific timing for transplanting during the year.

  • The quality and quantity of available water.

  • Your allocated budget.


The engineering phase

  • Following discussions and agreements with the growers, we create the final design.

  • All installation drawings are produced for implementation.

  • Some systems are designed to be plug-and-play, like the High Fog Mist System, with all components pre-fabricated for seamless installation.


The production phase

  • A-Growtech manufactures systems in The Netherlands.

  • Pumps from reputable A-brands are available for clients to choose from.

  • Electrical components are interconnected using PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers).

  • Compatibility with various types of climate computers is ensured.


The installation phase

  • Our own skilled teams handle the complete installation.

  • Optionally, you can choose to have the installation supervised by A-Growtech technical engineers.


The consultation phase

  • Our dedicated team of growing advisors assists you in the effective use of the systems.

  • Collaboratively with the growers, we develop a tailored growing plan aimed at maximizing production.

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Extra Information


LED Lights


Bio Generators


Water Storage Tanks/Silos

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