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Ultra-Fine Dissolved Oxygen Generator + Ozone booster

Revolutionize your irrigation system with our Ultra Fine Dissolved Oxygen Generator, infusing higher oxygen levels for unparalleled plant growth. The one of a kind static mixer precisely crafts ultra-fine oxygen bubbles, ensuring optimal absorption. Our generator employs pressure to seamlessly dissolve oxygen into the water, guaranteeing its lasting presence in your system. Experience a groundbreaking process that delivers oxygen to your plants at an concentration of 20-25 ppm. 

The Ultra Fine Dissolved Oxygen Generator also features a built-in ozone booster. Take control of your irrigation water hygiene as the ozone booster empowers you to cleanse and safeguard against the spread of diseases and viruses. With the added benefit of the ozone booster, our generator goes beyond oxygen infusion, ensuring a holistic approach to plant health.

Disolved oxygen has a long life in water and can penetrate into hard-to-reach places!


Effects of Disolved Oxygen on the irrigation system:

Disolved Oxygen gives water conservation

Water Conservation

Disolved Oxygen mixes and circulates water

Mixing & circulating water

Disolved Oxygen gives algea breakdown

Algae breakdown

Disolved Oxygen keeps drip lines clean

Keeps drip line clean

Effects on the roots:

Oxygen (O2) delivery

Oxygen is essential for root respiration, which is a key process for energy production in plants. Increased oxygen availability around the roots enhances overall root health and growth.

Disolved Oxygen delivers more oxygen to roots
Disolved Oxygen causes higher nutrient uptake

Nutrient Uptake

Well-aerated root zones facilitate the efficient uptake of nutrients dissolved in water. Healthy roots with access to oxygen are better equipped to absorb nutrients from the soil solution.

Ozone (O3) is a strong and potent oxidizer and sterilizer

Ozone is known for its ability to inactivate bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents

Ozone sterilizes irrigation water
Disolved Oxygen gives stress mitation

Stress Mitation

In waterlogged or compacted soils, roots can experience reduced oxygen availability, leading to stress and potential damage. Dissolved oxygen help maintain adequate oxygen levels even in challenging soil conditions.

Increased plant health, disease resistance, and shelf life

The introduction of dissolved oxygen into the water systems  fosters increased plant health, boosts disease resistance, and extended shelf life for harvested produce. Disolved oxygen provide a continuous source of oxygen to plant roots, promoting optimal metabolic activity and overall plant well-being. This heightened state of health, in turn, enhances the plant's natural defenses, making it more resilient to diseases and environmental stressors. Additionally, the improved nutrient absorption facilitated by the oxygen can contribute to better nutrient content in harvested crops, extending their shelf life by reducing post-harvest deterioration.

Disolved Oxygen increases plant health and resistance
Disolved Oxygen causes longer shelf life

Increases secondary metabolite content translating to more vivid colour & smell, and higher nutrient content organically improves soil health

This, in turn, results in more vibrant colors, richer aromas, and potentially higher nutrient content in the produce. Furthermore, the organic improvement of soil health through enhanced aeration and nutrient cycling can create a sustainable, nutrient-rich environment that benefits both current and future crops.

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