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Bio Generator

Use your own favourite biostimulantes, trichodermas, bacterias and multiply them in your own bio-reactor and make them more active by activation of high oxygen levels, and safe money!

A bio generator, used in agriculture to enhance plant growth and improve crop yield. It works by stimulating the natural processes within plants, promoting nutrient uptake, and enhancing overall plant health.

  • Increased crop productivity

  • Improved nutrient absorption

  • Enhanced stress tolerance

  • Reduced reliance on chemical fertilizers


Bio Generator Benefits on crops:

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

They enhances root development and increase the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, which help in nutrient solubilization and mineralization. This leads to improved nutrient absorption by plants, resulting in better growth and yield.

Planten in Dozen

Hormonal Regulation

Bio generators contain natural plant hormones or hormone-like compounds that regulate various physiological processes in plants. These hormones can influence cell division, elongation, flowering, fruiting, and other growth-related activities.

Stress Tolerance

a Bio generator enhances a plant's ability to withstand abiotic stresses such as drought, salinity, temperature extremes, and nutrient deficiencies.

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-11-21 om 14.51_edited.png
Plantaardige boerderij

Microbial Interactions

Bio generators also influence the microbial communities present in the rhizosphere (the soil surrounding plant roots). These microorganisms can enhance nutrient availability, protect plants from pathogens, and improve overall soil health.

Increased Crop Productivity

By improving nutrient uptake, hormonal regulation, and stress tolerance, bio generator can significantly increase crop yields.

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Reduced Environmental Impact

Bio generator offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Also, the use of bio generators aligns with the principles of sustainable agriculture by promoting resource efficiency, reducing waste, and improving soil health.

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