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Vital Fluid
Plasma Application

At times of thunder, farmers experienced enhanced growth of their crops. VitalFluid took this concept and transformed it into a uniform process. Combining air, electricity and water you can create Plasma Activated Water (PAW). This PAW had several agricultural benefits, it acts as plant nutrition, pH controller, seed treatment and optimizer for plant health. 

By simulating lightning to create PAW, you can experience the benefits of thunder all year round.

AEGIR-PAW-UNIT Vital Fluid.png
Infographic Vital Fluid.png

Agricultural Applications

Carbon Neutral Nitrogen fertilization

The introduction of plasma activated water to irrigation adds organic nitric acid, a natural form of nitrogen, to the water supply. This method, derived from clean electricity, provides a carbon-neutral approach to supplying nitrogen to crops, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for enhancing agricultural productivity.


pH Controller

Well-aerated root zones facilitate the efficient uptake of nutrients dissolved in water. Healthy roots with access to oxygen are better equipped to absorb nutrients from the soil solution.

Seed Treatment

Ozone is known for its ability to inactivate bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents


Plant Health

In waterlogged or compacted soils, roots can experience reduced oxygen availability, leading to stress and potential damage. Nanobubbles help maintain adequate oxygen levels even in challenging soil conditions.


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